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Lawson to open experimental checkout-free convenience store


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Can't wait to give it a trt.

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But of course, the app will run only in japanese language.

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Will the red siren start flashing when I go in??? I guess it may be convenient but I am a fickle shopper and like to browse and pick stuff up and put it back. I wonder if this will invite suspicion...

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The same experiment failed in London.

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JonathanJoToday  05:07 pm JST

The same experiment failed in London.

It’s not the same. This Lawson test store is much more high tech.

Sainsbury's customers had to physically scan items with thier phones, and then had to pay using the app one item at a time:

Customers had to scan their groceries using Sainsbury's Pay & Go app, paying for them as they went around the shop.

But it resulted in long queues at the helpdesk as people attempted to pay for their groceries in the traditional way.

At Lawson all they have to do is pick up the items and leave. They will get billed for everything as they leave automatically.

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So Lawson will not be honouring five finger discounts then... smart!

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I've heard of similar co-op stores in the US, but, like the experimental Lawson store, limited to specific people (co-op members) I'm glad Lawson's Japan is working to make the chain profitable. I was born about an hour's drive from where Lawson's headquarters used to be, so I grew up consuming their products. (Us older folks in the mid-west still relish the memory of their chip-chopped ham) Would love to see them expand into the US again, with their Japanese cuisine. It's getting very popular thanks to anime becoming so popular here. I live in a city in a rural area, but in the last 3-4 years have seen about 4 Japanese restaurants pop up, while Chinese restaurants have been a mainstay of the area for decades.

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But of course, the app will run only in japanese language.

Yes, that's the language spoken here. What do you expect?

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I think America and China already has these stores.

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Yes, that's the language spoken here. What do you expect?

One could understand someone speaking Japanese or Chinese or even Korean... but not able to READ. Gotcha?

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