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Lean Xbox One eyes gamers as PlayStation VR turns heads


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Not much word on VR Nintendo. Should be a good Christmas video game console fight. VR on these existing systems will most likely be a less than average VR experience until you get the new console .

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AFP love Playstation and Apple

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We already have HTC Vive setups in a couple rooms. Ya have to make sure there's enough space to walk around and even jump because the tracking devices could cover a good size area - and don't trip on the wires because ya can't see 'em, especially when ya keep twirling around and around and next thing ya know you're wrapped in wires. lol

It really is like being inside the Star Trek holodeck. Ya can be walking on the deck of the sunken Titanic in the deeps with only a flashlight, watching the giant whales pass by, touching the millions of brightly glowing jellyfish of various colors and sizes, and suddenly looking around why the school of fish around you are running away scared.

Or if you're on a flying plane looking down, ya better not be afraid of heights and start puking. And then ya jump off the edge. lol

Or similar to Lord of the Rings protecting the castle walls against the horde while avoiding the barrage from catapults, then using your 2 hands determining how much to draw your bow to control the distance, aim the flaming arrow into the air, and release.

(Need a really powerful computer though to get those graphics settings that high yet so smooth.)

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Lostrune, is it cool, cos it sounds pretty cool. Cost, specs?

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Sony is not my thing, but i love their PlayStation division, with the announcement of God of War 4, Spider-Man PS4 and Crash remastered. My confident for them is back.

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funkymofoJun. 17, 2016 - 11:38AM JST

Lostrune, is it cool, cos it sounds pretty cool. Cost, specs?

Sorry, don't have it handy - it's somebody else's project

Though the HTC Vive is $799

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Cool, thanks.

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