Learn to forget? How to rein in a rogue chatbot

By Joseph BOYLE

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So they're planning to lobotomise it when it gets out of "control" and doesn't stick to a certain narrative, their narrative. Can't have freedom of information, or let people make up their own minds now can we?

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There's only mathematics involved, nothing of AI is artificial or intelligent, the electrons in the wires and chips are real and everything follows just only mathematical rules and laws, so if someone understands them or dislikes them doesn't play a role. It's all just only consisting of a few basic operations, executed millions and trillions of times, some trigger functions like tanh , some multiplications with weights, some multiplied matrices, some substractions for the penalties during 'learning'', some probabilities for the final output decision etc Everything is finally very simple and only very basic math level. That in fact very simple processing of input data brings of course some changes to them, leading to a certain and mostly different output, including those error or hallucinatory effects. Isn't that logically to understand easily? If input is omitted it can't appear in the output, and if given output is to be expected equal to the input, then it has to be put through unprocessed, so you wouldn't need in between anymore 'AI' processing. So what is everyone's problem here? Either you get nothing as output from omitted / avoided input, or you get an output different from the input or you leave the input as it is and don't need an AI then.

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However, she pointed out that so much was unknown about the way models worked -- and even what datasets they were trained on -- that a solution could be a long way away.

Scary. Only a matter of time.

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