Facebook losing youth at fast pace: survey


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So what??

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Facebook used to be the hottest thing among teenagers - they kept checking their Facebook walls every other second for comments

But once parents became more into it, it's not as cool anymore

There are other ways now to get comments - it's all about comments

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im not able to get in the inbox...and can't share things to private messages

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Arf! It's like kids boasting who's got the best toy or something.

Nobody be forcing you to use it. There's room for different social media platforms.

Meanwhile this thicko is happy to be uncool and stay with FB.

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Farcebook could go under tomorrow and I wouldn't lose a seconds sleep over it.

LINE app does me fine.

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Thank god the sheeple are waking up.

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I believe I am the very small percentage who do not have either facebook, etc. account. If I eventually open one, all my information there would be fake and I could proudly call it Fakebook account.

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SSoooooo lame. Please. gag me with a spoon. Instagram, Hello??

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As an old people type of person who uses FB, I can say that it's a great way to keep in touch and reconnect with family and friends. If that's not hip daddio, I can live with the shame of that.

I tend to ignore the right wing groups and fakers who thrive on attention there.

I really should do the same here... ;-)

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FB is just old people sharing right-wing fake news anyway.

Kids have got cooler things to be getting on with.

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If only this were the beginning of a realization how superficial some social media can be and how awful many people on it are.

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haloerika# Have to agree, although facebook has its issues when used correctly it can be a good swap of information and platform for discussion ( sharing articles, news etc )

Instagram although pretty, has none of that.

Kids will always want something new so it'll be interesting to see what comes next.

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The youths are over there at instagram where things get more superficial.

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FaCIAbook and all off these things are nothing more than data gathering platforms, scary stuff.

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Good. Such a dangerous platform.

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