LG Display unveils 18-inch flexible display


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LG Display Co. has developed an 18-inch flexible display that can be rolled into the shape of a thin cylinder, a step toward making a large display for flexible TVs.

Anyone really wonder why Sony, Panasonic, etc. are sucking swamp water these days? The SK companies are beating them on the innovation front, and the Chinese are killing them on price. Where exactly is Japan's niche?

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Tiny Korea leading the way in tech innovation yet again and leaving Japan in it's wake.

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Cool gimmick but I'm not sure when exactly I'll need a foldable television.

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@Dylan, when you want to carry it to different location.

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@Dylan, when you want to carry it to different location

YongYang -- exaclty. I could envision many commercial uses, if not private ones. Traveling salesmen could roll-up a high-def screen to make presentations on from their computer as just one example.

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I have a flat screen and at least for me, I've never had difficulty moving up or down my house but as the article says, it's novel and most likely will shift many units.

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Sounds cool. But so what? How big a deal out of this? What else can the Koreans do? There are still tons and tons of machines from heavy construction equipment to cars to machine tools to almost any real industrial front, Japan still leaves Korea smelling smoke in its wake.

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Flexible displays will eventually find a place in car windshields for heads-up displays. They could also find a place in smartphones because maybe they'll be less likely to break when dropped.

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