Lifelike robots meant to win over humans


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The main limitation is processing power. Only quantum processing can make AI close enough to the human brain.

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Ok those robots just look creepy....

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What is of prime importance here, in this field? As long as the government does replace police officers by robots, we should be good i believe.

That must never happen. Some jobs are meant to stay within the confinement of human limitations. Breaching such a barrier would be a massive, deadly step over our collective freedom, wich could quickly escalate to totalitarian control and surveillance worlwide by a tiny elite hidden behind the machines.

For one, learning to rely on yourself for your basic needs such as food and shelter might be an early way out of this eventual mess - if we stay within the realm of hypothesis.

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As long as the government does not

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Robots can be programmed properly, they will not get corrupt, will not earn neither for glory nor for personal gain, all there will be to it for them would be Justice. There is no collective "freedom", there is a lot of humans with ulterior motives who simply can't promise anything with 100%. Robots can. Androids even more so. But that is only the tip of the iceberg...

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Ahh it’s Satan incarnated kill it, kill it, kill it now.

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I miss the times when all this was just still science fiction! For a lot of us older people, well, it gives us this uneasy feeling seeing all this AI. Reading about 5G and the "Networked Society" gives me the creeps, everything everywhere all connected to one big brain, but the younger generations were born into this tech savvy world, and to them, it seems like a good thing!

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