Line starts bank transfer service via smartphone payment platform


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This seems absolutely ripe for attracting scammers...

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What is the time limit for following through? What happens to the money if the recipient doesn’t notice the message or for whatever reasons doesn’t follow through promptly? I assume the money would be returned to the sender but after how long?

How arduous is the identification process? What happens if the name given by the sender doesn’t exactly match the bank account? I can foresee problems involving foreigners’ names especially.

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Recipe for a disaster when considering the level of IT security in Japan

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I never underdtood how you can give confidence to companies which are not banks for money transfer.

If you don't need to be a. Abnk to do that, then I am gonna open my society to offer such a service without security.

Paypal and all earn money without any service.

I have been money tranfering with bank accounts for free for ages. What is the difficulty compare to risks taken ?

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Line was a nice service as it was. Now they are going to mess it up with all kinds of unwanted additional nonsense.

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100,000 yen for monthly rent clearly shows the market LINE is targeting.

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I have yet to find a useful International Transfer system from Japan to elsewhere. All the costs are basically the same 1800 yen or thereabouts, and then if you're unlucky there's additional Lifting charges (transferring via the US to the UK for example).

The whole Banking system is a scam in (many) someways these days, but in Japan, you cant get around it.

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