Lofty promises for autonomous cars unfulfilled


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These cars stop for tumbleweeds.

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I was hoping they'd be further on with this, but never mind.

It's the only thing that would make me want to pay the premium for a new car over a second-hand one. We already own a hybrid and a diesel, so a new car is not going to give us significantly better fuel economy.

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Waymo, Google's autonomous car division, has been offering robotaxi service "Waymo One" for about a year around Phoenix, Arizona. However, there is a trained driver in the cars

Aka: not driverless....

Wake me up when Toyota or VAG start from the ground up and design and build a car to be properly driverless.

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The perception part is not solved yet. The most advanced publicly available is 80-85 percent (reliable). That means that 15 percent of the time, it's going to hit objects and kill and destroy them," she said.

I do not think those driverless cars developers would like the words she choosed to use.

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Talk is just talk.

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Authorities also will have to adapt road signage to these smart cars.

Why? Is it because the self-driving cars can't see, or can't understand what they see?

Either way, it doesn't sound like they will understand the rest of their environment well enough to be allowed to operate.

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That car in the picture looks like it should have a gun on top to blow away anything in its way.. scary looking. Perhaps looking scary makes up for any Software deficiencies ?

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