Long road ahead for fully self-driving cars, despite Tesla claim

By Rob Lever

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I suspect Elon Musk smoked too much weed claiming that Tesla is very close to be fully self-driving...

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All that fantastic balderdash about AI and self-driving cars. Who profits and who benefits. Tesla, rated the least reliable of electric and hybrid cars. A reliability rating of 51%. Does the world require self-driving cars for any sane reason? No. As for Tesla - good luck competing with the large automobile companies - if lucky, Musk will be bought out and shelved. He is the DeLorean of the 21st century.

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I think we should have self-flying drones for google maps instead of the Cars - just imagine the bedroom scenes that someone would have to airbrush out!.

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I think Musk was talking about getting a chauffeur for his Tesla. They are at Level 5 and can avoid obstacles while you take a nap.

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Let me know when Tesla stops crashing into stopped fire engines and police cars with lots of possible chances to do it.

Everyone who's ever ridden in a Tesla over streets with old and new lane lines knows how easy it is for their autodrive to become confused and aim for a ditch.

I'm not against having vehicles self-drive. Not at all. I am against clear lies about the current capabilities which is leading to deaths.

I think self-driving trucks are ready today for US Interstate highway use between cities. Have the driver handle the driving from 40 miles out until 40 miles on the other side of the city. That's ready today. Let the truck drive between cities and through smaller towns on the interstate. A truck that isn't moving is losing money. At 4am, between El Paso and San Antonio on I-10, there's little reason an autonomous truck with a driver sleeping can't be safely moving.

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Basic problems may be close to being solved but acceptance is years off.

If you could get the trucks to self drive you could run them at night

and reduce Traffic a lot.

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Whether it happens this year or in 5 years is irrelevant. Whenever it happens, Tesla will be first. They are testing on streets more than Toyota or anyone else by orders of magnitude. This is coming faster than most people think.

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