Look but don't touch as smartphone's flexible future unfolds

By Paul Sandle

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Initial cheers were quickly followed by gasps when the Chinese firm revealed its eye-watering 2,299 euros ($2,600) price tag

I'm so old I can remember paying that much for my first car. I couldn't fold that though.

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No one will buy these things. By no one I mean all but phone reviewers and those (few) kids who have the money and the desire to show off with the 'latest'... at least as long as they can before they break.

The media is attempting to force these devices with 'innovative' (read: for social media) functions and hardware that have absolutely no actual value into the public mindset, but the backlash against this is one of silence and ignorance.

You'll find that the great majority of people don't need, and therefore don't care, about phones. Just so long as they have the basics with a reasonably large screen. Sure, some people want gimmicks, but they are in the minority, usually don't know any better, and very vocal about it in the media.

And a few people on here criticise Japanese electronics companies for not 'jumping on the bandwagon'. As if they don't know any better, and are as foolish as the Korean and Chinese companies to offer such meaningless devices at a price point which is honestly laughable. There's HUGE difference between actual innovation and gimmicks.

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It will change the world, as simple as that. Information is not just as simple as ABC, as it used to be. You need power to process information as quick and accurate as possible.

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No one will buy these things

I totally agree, its getting all the press at the moment but its out of reach (price) for the masses and it can't really do anything much different to previous devices (apart from fold). Its the new toy but I would be very very surprised it many get sold. And I would love to know just how long that screen will last

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bobfor2, you never used the device, did you ? It is more than a phone, it is a super computer. It change how you receive the information, and how you view the world. The user experience is completely disrupted, for better and for super. It is cheap, very cheap, because you have laptop, tablet, and phone, all in one.

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Of course, the phone isn't for a janitor.

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bobfor2, you never used the device, did you ?

No, of course I haven't. And that would be the same for everyone here so ... I don't really see your point. We all are sharing our opinions here.

 it is a super computer

wow, I must have missed that in the announcement. who wants a super computer so small? OK, maybe a few people might (??) but ....hhhmmmm? I am not convinced. I am sure the iPad Pro would kill it for power. But ok, it is very portable.

The other big issue (for me) is my iPad works well after 5 years ... its conjecture ... sure ... but these foldable phones probably won't last long. But of course I could be wrong. I certainly wouldn't rush out and get it expecting years of use

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the folding OLED display is a gimmick at the moment, but the price will go down and in 1-2 years that will be the standard (the OLED display itself was like that a few years ago). And flexible display has far reaching applications, from displays pasted over buildings, over other devices or clothing or even skin for example, to ultra-thin and flexible illumination devices in an adjustable wavelength range

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It is more than a phone, it is a super computer

I haven't come across many super computers that use the Android OS. How do I install the necessary tools on it, such as a compiler, MPI, linear algebra library etc?

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Scrote, hahaha, you don't know the plan, do you ? Behind every fordable, there is a cloud.

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bobfor2, read my post carefully, it is more powerful than 1980's super computer.

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bobfor2, read my post carefully, it is more powerful than 1980's super computer.

LOL, oh of course it would be, but again that is not saying a lot as I am pretty sure our phones are too (??)

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I am trying to reduce my screen time so I would not buy such a product. I actually consider going back to just a flip open phone and using any social media on my laptop. It is a lot cheaper and I can battle my addiction. The number of persons now walking through the subway system and sidewalks immersed in games, movies, songs, Instagram is absolutely astonishing.

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There's a good video on that:

Magically Apple will copy and make the next iPhone foldable and claim it to be a 'Worlds First ' just as they copied touch screen technology, copied the Walkman to ipad, copied everything else and flipping the PR to claim they were first and just isn't original and overpriced

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I'm so over this slavish worship of the latest technology that isn't a significant functional improvement over what we've been using for ten years or more.

Fingerprint ID. Cameras. Tiny keyboards. Advertised nG capabilities when the mobile companies can't even claim full, stable coverage on (n-1)G networks. 


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While I can understand the benefits of advancements in technology there are just times when it seems the more connected we are the less free we are.

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It's a smoke screen to sidetrack masses away from the real issue of 5G global service. Truth to be told, based on facts from countries that are up and running 5G wi-fi, is bad news. NTT/Docomo is to install 5G antennas (underground) commencing March of this year.

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It's New. It's Expensive.

But, not much different from most advanced technologies when released on the market.

I'd imagine this is just the beginning for wrap-around, flex screens.

Only a spit over 10 years ago a smartphone saw the light of the day.

Now untold billions exist and many are giveaways.

Millions will be wearing this technology sooner than you think.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

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Pass. Too bulky for a cellphone; too small for a tablet.

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It's New. It's Expensive.

But, not much different from most advanced technologies when released on the market.

I'd imagine this is just the beginning for wrap-around, flex screens.

Only a spit over 10 years ago a smartphone saw the light of the day.

Many advanced technologies have failed in the past. When i first saw a smartphone, 10+ years ago, i was like wow. Ok, this is something that will change things. When i look at this thing.... it certainly got that "wow effect" because of the foldable screen, but other than that? Seems like an hybrid between a phone, a tablet and a mini laptop. I struggle to find a reason why i would need or buy something like that.

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The thickness and general size of these foldables .... to my mind, defeat the whole purpose of these phones. They are supposed to be portable phones that double as a tablet.

But, They are too big to be really portable (as in easily go in your jeans pocket) and almost too small to be a really useful tablet (???). Cool tech for sure but I am very happy with what I have

... and I am not even going to talk about the fairy tale price

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With the arrival of Smart phones, and a plethora of applications facilitating communications in textual, graphical, verbal and video formats, I wonder whether we should drop the word "phone", indeed people now talk about SkyPe'ing someone, or WhatsApp'ing them... sooner or later, we will just forget what a Telephone number was.

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I wish Apple would get rid of "Hello Siri" and allow you to say anything to wake up your Smart device avatar. "Hello Computer!"

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