Low-quality semiconductors likely circulating across Japanese market


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Ah. The Chinese and various south Asian entities - absolutely no ethics, champions of every vile notion associated with capitalism.

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Defective chips would cause more troubles to all kinds of electronic products.

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Don’t cry like little babies. Produce it all yourself for maximum trust, or make at least a statistically relevant quality check of imported IC , 1%, 10% or so. Every other company or individual checks what’s in the container, package or parcel when receiving any delivery. Only the supposed to be clever and intelligent semiconductor branch is crying loud and helplessly. Unbelievable. If you can’t stand such usual business procedures just only buy and sell ketchup bottles, that’s probably a better fitting no-brainer for you then.

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Sven Asai:

If you can’t stand such usual business procedures...

"usual business"?

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What they say is they want to monopolize the market again.

Don't trust these big wits.

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Many such chips were likely exported from China, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries, according to the Japan Patent Office.

And mostly imported and sold by Japanese

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