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Mac computers could ride AI wave or be left behind


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I'll take a Mac any day rather than the non-intuitive PCs. My old one was so easy to use that it was actually fun. My next computer will be a Mac, no matter what. Right now I am stuck with a PC that is much harder to use and no better than a chore to operate.

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Mac computers are nowhere near the PCs with regards to AI. They're mostly for computer illiterates who prefer a company claiming to know better than users what they want.

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Working in the creative/design space for 25+ years (and an Apple stock owner for as long!), that whole industry is run on Macs. The issue now is Apple's decision to focus on CPU and not GPU. Once (if?) that changes then we can get amazing AI results. I am confident that Apple will not miss this trick.

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Apple will do it if they can make a sack of cash out of it by charging more than anyone else does for it. For now, GAI looks like a money pit papered with legal actions and government threats.

Amusingly, GAFA have been switching people from desktop-based executable applications to SAAS (software as a service) for years so they can hook them into subscriptions for web-based rubbish that can't be used when their connection goes down. Now they want them to fork out lots of cash to squeeze GAI into their own machines, just to sell more hardware? I don't think users are going to want to pay the extra. Windows 11 take-up has been pathetic because of the greater hardware demands.

Lots of people (and lots of businesses) will sensibly see potential risks in GAI and will actively want to avoid it. Alongside which, activists and politicians have fired up the moral panic machine, and declared GAI a bigger threat to life on Earth than climate change, asteroids or aliens.

Having an old PC with applications on it and no internet connection, for work, and a tablet for online interactions will save you money, protect your work from malware and hackers, and help you avoid the hell of Windows updates. Maybe it will also protect you from GAI - the real concerns about it introducing errors and doing stuff you don't want it to, and the crazy media hype stuff too.

quote: AI is literally everything.

I'm so old I can remember when blockchain and then NFTs, and then the metaverse were literally everything.

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Man have we come a long way. I took a computer class during my senior year in HS (1984) and the graphics weren't even this good! Of course I have a Computer Science college degree now and the field keeps changing all the time.

If you don't believe me on how far we've progressed; there's that floppy flexible Verex disk drive slot. And the graphics weren't nearly as good as in the picture either. As for games, Brick Out, and quiz games were the order of the day.

And as a representative of the graphics, look at the cover of the hit YES album '90125' which came out in late 1983. That was 'top notch' back then. The liner notes even state the dimensions of the picture being plotted on a certain sized paper.

Revolution, and evolution!

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Who in the world uses a local hobby computer for AI processing? Please, don't disqualify yourself such easily. Of course, only the user interface runs locally, the big and resource intensive work is done on the big CPU, GPU or TPU server clusters. A PC or MAC at home or workplace would need many hours or days for smaller tasks or years and decades for bigger ChatGPT & Co. sized models.

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Look at the picture. Is that the very first Mac?

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Linux here. Will use AI when and if I want to, thanks!

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Exactly tora. I see no benefit to the average user, just more hype for another fad and a better way for companies to spy on all of us and more restrictive control of our information.

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Does anyone use Apple Macs?

Hardly anyone as they are low tier third rate Pcs.

Last I read, Apple waw going to stop making Macs due to lack of sales.

Microsoft's next windows Pcs will also have a AI button on the keyboard, first change of the keyboard in 30 years.

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