App makes photos move in realistic way on picture or mirror


MotionPortrait Inc has begun offering an iPhone application service, MagicalPhoto, that makes it easy to create moving pictures just like those used in the world of magic. Simply by importing a facial photo, a three-dimensional facial model is created automatically, allowing you to transform yourself into a witch and move around realistically on a picture or a mirror.

Also, the magic is triggered when you correctly trace patterns of a pre-registered magic square with a fingertip, displaying beautiful flames and creepy smoke effects. In addition, snap shots of the created data can be shared with friends, via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other media.

The price is $2.99. Compatible models: iPhone and iPod touch

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A discarded gum wrapper probably has more information than this article. What the heck is being reported here? At least it is compatible and only costs $2.99

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Like Buzz, I couldn't understand a thing this article was trying to say. It's like it's been run through multiple translators.

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Okay, allow me to translate. MotionPortrait is a program that takes a photo of someone's face and animates it - complete with eye, eyebrow, lips, and muscle movement. It does this through mapping the face onto a 3D model and animating that model. The head can turn or tilt in any direction. You can see how it works by following this link.

Use English next time please!

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