Major Japanese firms urge gov't to bolster 2030 renewables goal


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You could become the Iceland of the East with a little paradigm shift. Just consider:

Approximately 87% of hot water for households and for heating in Iceland comes from geothermal energy. Between 1990 and 2014, Iceland’s geothermal electricity production increased 1,700%

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Jandaworld - that would work but how do these companies get that sweet taxpayer money to build stuff to export? No enough countries can use geothermal like Iceland and Japan. These companies are more concered with their quarterly report than any 2030 or 2050 timeline.

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The development of renewable energy is crucial in the struggle against global warming. Japan has demonstrated great technological creativity when it wants to. Making a decision to aggressively address the global warming crisis through the development of renewable energy is the first step in developing the technological know how that Japan is famous for.

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On the subject of geothermal energy and Iceland, I would posit that the development of geothermal energy has done wonders to raise that country's standard of living. It can sustainably use geothermal and hydropower to supply virtually all of its electrical needs, and is no longer dependent on burning peat and coal.

However, many countries develop more geothermal energy than Iceland. By rank, the top producers of geothermal energy are the USA, Indonesia, the Philippines, Turkey, New Zealand, Mexico, and then Iceland. In the US, about 75% of the geothermal development is in California, putting our state alone way ahead of Iceland.

The points to be taken away from this discussion, IMO, are that geothermal is a relatively low-hanging fruit sort of energy source, for the countries who can tap it, and that Japan is missing the boat by not doing more in this regard. There is great capacity in Japan for this energy source, and developing it would not only help fight global warming, but would help Japan's economy by cutting down on the need for imported coal and petroleum, reducing the need for nuclear power, and by creating high quality jobs.

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