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Many Facebook users unaware of privacy risks: report


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If facebook didnt make their privacy controls so damned complicated, and make changes and updates to the site without actually telling anyone, perhaps people would find it a little easier to protect their private information. Its almost as if they WANT to make it complicated. All that personal data must be incredibly lucrative. But surely not...

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I chose the ultimate privacy control- deleted my Facebook account, and I don't regret even a little bit!

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Agree with above, ultimate privacy. With all the data on the web, its not only the so called bad guys but I'm sure Hitler would have loved facebook etc to make his job easier. I'm still wondering why people really want to tell every one so much about themselves.

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The sooner people realize facebook is a plague the better!

Having a facebook account WILL affect your job, job prospects, health insurance etc etc etc it is a HIGH RISK activity, they DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR FACE, they just want to USE YOU TO MAKE $$$$$

Nothing more nothing less, people need to start cluing in & Govt need to regulate they hell out of this monstrosity!

fb is already causing massive problems, dont participate!

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You only THINK you deleted your FB account. You surfing thru FB sites may not be occuring, but any data you had in FB still exists and is therefore accessible.

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Just don't use facebook.


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Lives in... Current city... Contacts (emails, phone numbers, mixi account, skype name)... Employed by... Train station...Work History... BLOOD TYPE!!?... And people dare to complain they are having troubles? I mean seriously, you've gotta be either stupid or 10 years.

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People upset about their privacy while using Facebook. Hey guess what? Nobody forced you to sign up!

Learn how to use the settings. I've chosen what certain people can see and can't see. I've also taken the time to improve my security settings by using the feature that sends a txt with a code to your phone that has to be typed in whenever a unapproved computer/phone tries to log into your account.

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Unless the criminals are eliminated, "They will always need to know everything about you. It;'s in their nature. ' Wasted , time, money , intelligence and the warping of minds and soul; Voyeurism Battalion READY SIR !

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Big Brother sent you a "Friend" request. Should you Accept or Ignore? Just say no?

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KariHaruka: Agreed. The "criminals" can only take what you give'em.

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Facebook = government endoscope. 'Making watching everything you do easier', signed Big Brother.

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no wonder, you are exchanging this service and your privacy. just quit if you mind to be dug your posts.

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I deleted my Facebook account (and Twitter) upon coming across Tumblr...which was 4 years ago.

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