Many won't rely on virtual options after COVID: AP-NORC poll


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To a certain degree it was obvious virtual services were not going to stay as popular after the pandemic loses strength, there are a lot of things people get from getting their services in person, from a more complete examination by the doctor to better choosing what they are buying, but hopefully these option will remain to some degree.

It is important then to see how popular these things are going to remain, hospitals and business do not want to dedicate too much resources to something that is going to be used only with limitations, so a proper balance is going to be necessary.

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Many associate virtual activities with homeprisonment and want to avoid them. Virtual education was disastrous in practice for students, teachers and universities. Incidents such as the UK government partying whilst we were banned from being near dying relatives did not endear virtual alternatives to us. Virtual tourism is a non-starter and much of our cultural activities depend upon presence to stay solvent. People simply won't pay to stare at a screen.

What we learned from them, is to fully appreciate the added value of in-person interaction.

We also learned that tech is hopelessly unreliable and fraught with incompatibilities and inequalities.

I managed fewer grocery orders during lockdown than before as there simply wasn't enough capacity in the system.

The loss of in-person GP appointments had a severe impact on healthcare and led to UK GPs, traditionally held in high esteem, being widely condemned for not offering face-to-face appointments when many other key workers stayed at their posts.

The pandemic was not a great advert or a happy introduction to virtual tech for the majority.

I'm not a particularly sociable person, so I might be expected to have enjoyed the isolation. I did not. I doubt most Western European governments could survive locking up their citizens again. Boris Johnson only survived as long as he did by ending the UK's at the earliest possible moment.

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Live streaming bands was pretty cool at the start of the pandemic, especially when they were free. I'd love to see that continue, but there should also be shows where the bands know they aren't being filmed so they can get loose and rowdy.

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after the coronavirus pandemic is over,


When will that be ?

Coronavirus can still change and pop up anywhere, as in China current lockdowns.

Maybe the next mutation will make all current vaccines worthless and we be back to step 1.

Will we be able to say when the pandemic will be over ?

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