Many young people fear losing their jobs to robots, survey finds


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If, hypothetically, robots were to take most of the jobs, What would be the purpose of 7 billion of humans? If everyone lost job who would buy stuff?

Has the governments and profit thirsty corporates thought of this?

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I would say there is reason to worry, the pace of change is pretty quick & its also older workers who are feeling the stress & job losses

This has been going on already for over 20yrs, just think of how many jobs have become history due to computers, its huge, true jobs are also created, BUT they are in lower numbers & that's why over time people are feeling anxious about it, the current economy is in the race to the bottom, few winners & lots of losers.

Its going to cause some very serious problems, in fact the problems are already evident & getting worse as time passes.

The rich are not so slowly killing the golden goose, us consumers, the rich & powerful's shortsightedness is leading the world in an ugly direction at present

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Since there are no longer enough jobs for the number of working-age people, we now need to switch to a guaranteed minimum income for those people.

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These young peoples were scared by left wing ideology. They don't understand Robots do not have its own brain. Human is master and Robot was slave.

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I'm curious what the people's education was for this study. High school? College? If being a college graduate was a pre-req to being surveyed, what was the major breakdown? I'm betting those in computer science, engineering, and heath care were not the ones given negative feedback about education. Willing to be a pretty penny it was mostly made up of gender studies, communications, literature, or history majors.

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