McAfee to provide Android users with secure mobile environment


McAfee Co Ltd, the Japanese subsidiary of McAfee, on Thursday said that NTT Docomo will provide McAfee VirusScan Mobile as an exclusive offering for users of its Android smartphones.

“McAfee, who already protects more than 180 million mobile devices worldwide, began working with NTT Docomo in 2004 to deliver Japan’s first mobile antivirus software for Foma devices,” said Todd Gebhart, McAfee Executive Vice President & General Manager, Consumer, Mobile & Small Business. “We’re excited to now provide NTT Docomo users with the first security solution for their Android smartphones. Through this partnership, McAfee aims to further elevate its mobile business in Japan and continue to provide consumers with a real-time defense against emerging threats that target these devices, mobile services and mobile content.”

McAfee VirusScan Mobile software alerts mobile device users about viruses and malicious applications by scanning and cleaning files, emails, installer packages, Internet downloads, text and MMS messages, and attachments. The automatic update feature ensures devices are always protected from the latest threats. The software also requires minimal mobile computing and memory resources, allowing Docomo users to access their devices’ functions without interruption and to ensure their critical communication features are always working.

The VirusScan Mobile software for Android devices will be made available on July 1. Docomo Android device users can download the security service from the Android Market Webstore.

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That's cool. I never knew anything about smartphone security like this. For computers it is "atarimae", but I guess it will need to become the same for smart phones and tablets because the miscreants will find ways to infect apps, for sure. Good on yer, McAFfee.

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Do not use any on my Apple products.

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Not so catchy ad slogan: "Now you can slow down your Android phone even more!"

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McAfee slowed down my computer to death. Poor machine spent most of its time in hyper-paranoid mode, checking if a simple 1+1 instruction was meant as a deathly virus or as a simple sum. McAfee on a phone is definitely a no good.

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No way this is getting installed on my phone. McAfee is famous for their bloatware. There's undoubtedly a free, faster antivirus offering just like there is on every other platform.

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Welcome to the world of Android, infection galore.

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What is this the 1990s? Can't wait for Norton to bust a move!! Get an Iphone or Blackberry already.

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