McAfee launches AI-powered protection to spot and block scams in real time


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Ai making easier to deceive people, with more AI to detect these scams, and more AI to help avoiding being detected by scam protection software.

It seems a losing proposition for the people, that will need to sacrifice more and more privacy to get even a small amount of protection.

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AI is an evil genie we need to cram back into the bottle.

We literally need a sort of Butlerian Jihad. (Dune reference). All AI use must be made illegal with serious penalites for violation.

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I understand the concerns; the rapid advancement of AI does bring about serious ethical and safety considerations. However, a total ban might prevent the development of technologies that could profoundly benefit society, such as in healthcare or environmental protection. A more measured approach would be to establish stringent regulations and oversight to ensure responsible development and deployment of AI, addressing the risks without sacrificing the potential rewards.

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