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Meet the youth reframing the news for TikTok, YouTube


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So basically a kind of John Craven's Newsround, but instead of for kids it's for the adult Gen Z.

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From the article:

In cases like ac2ality, they are providing a "summary" of the news and "not journalism", which requires "investigative work, finding sources and checking their reliability", she added.

Yes, real journalism like reporting about voting machine fraud, presidents born in Kenya, Covid is just the flu, trans women are real women, Trump won, Biden is sharp as a tack, the banks are all safe and healthy, bitcoin is the future, Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos is a genius businesswoman, SVB is the best bank in the US (Forbes cover story 5 days before the collapse).

Real journalists and journalism!

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To be fair, TV news anchors mostly just read the news too. This isn't much different, they've just cut down on their overhead and do so in bite-sized videos that appeal to modern people's lack of attention span.

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Their video narrating the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, was seen over 17 million times.

And they posted this on TikTok? Really? TikTok is own by PRC, and the app is being censored in the US.

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That's hysterical Wandora; I had to look up John Craven, lol.

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TikTok is own by PRC

What news outlet did you learn that from?

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