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Meta's Quest VR gear to let people 'hang out' in fake worlds


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I feel Augmented Reality is a much safer and healthier option than VR. Somehow I get the feeling that the "escape" part of the use of the technology is too much of a temptation for some people and will end up causing more problems than what it solves.

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It’s easy to see fake worlds now without any gear. Just look around.

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Rather hang out with people in the real world.

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I wonder if long term usage of similar head-gear could lead to neck injuries, or even eye injuries. Time to read the small print ?

I'm sure it's written to remove as much liability as possible.

My neck has been known to get tired after using my son's Quest for a while. It's still fairly heavy on the head. I could see it causing headaches, but it could also maybe make for a stronger neck.

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