Meta, formerly Facebook, faces historic drop as stock tanks


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Judging by the fact that the Zuc still maintains that terrible hair style I can ascertain that he is surrounded by yes men.

Ain't nobody got the cojones to give him the tap on the shoulder and say this virtual reality crap is a lead balloon.

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invests heavily in its transformation into a virtual reality-based company.Meta’s shares fell more than 23% to $246.76 in early trading Thursday, lopping off more than $215 billion of the company’s overall value,

Virtually going up, now virtually going down.

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Delete your Facebook accounts.

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They cancelled themselves into obscurity and have just become a woke cesspol.

Good riddance.

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First, nobody I know in their teens or 20s actually uses FB. Second nobody is interested in the Meta apart from the corporates. Everything Meta has done to try and attract young people has been a flop so far.

Zuck: cash out, get a good haif cut, buy an island somewhere like rich people do, retire and drink whatever those drinks are they drink on your raised beach front.

Won't be missed by us plebs.

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Man, VR gaming hasn't pick up as well as gaming in other platforms. I don't see how VR social media would have better chances.

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Facebook Zucks.. Lol..

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Wow. Whodathunk that censoring a significant portion of "free" society would lead to a drop in account holders? Just wait until the next, freer, social media becomes available! Lol!

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Meta drop. Bit fishy how fast it fell for such a big company - 30% overnight. Insider trading? Or just a very nervous market?

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I still think there is something to VR gaming, I have a headset and it can be pretty awesome for a very specific subset of games. I don't want to play everything in it though, or even most things.

I agree that VR social media seems lacking? There's no real benefit it gains from the medium, it just seems like doing it for the sake of doing it. Maybe in a world where haptics are WAY more advanced than they are now.

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Meta drop. Bit fishy how fast it fell for such a big company - 30% overnight. Insider trading? Or just a very nervous market?

Facebook lost daily users for the first time in its 18-year history — falling by about half a million users in the last three months of 2021, to 1.93 billion logging in each day.

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The metaverse is a niche product. Facebook is a solid, global business, but it won't grow exponentially forever. The idea that the company is worth 23% less because it is maturing is daft. A company that size is not toast just because of that. The markets behave like spoiled brats and are not good indicators of the quality of a company.

That said, as Meta have tonnes of cash, they should be diversifying their portfolio. Never be a one-trick pony.

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facebook (Meta) is old and is starting to fade. The younger generation doesn't want to be on he same sites as their parents or grandparents.

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Good. I have zero interest in any of their silly products.

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They are owned by the LEFT. Censored by the LEFT and being dismantled by the LEFT.

FB banned Trump, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson and Paul Nehlen.

Basically anyone who does not have a LEFTY viewpoint is banned.

FB stock price has tumbled from $385 to %235!

People are deregistering and younger people are not interested!

Conservatives are leaving.

Go woke.

Go broke!

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I don't know of anybody who really uses Facebook anymore. It's kind of getting obsolete. Also, why exactly did they change their name? They built a brand off of the name "Facebook". Seems silly to change something so well known everywhere.

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@Ethan001, based on campaign contribution dollar amounts in required filings the Facebook PAC has given more money to Republican candidates for Federal office than it has given to Democratic candidates. Mark Zuckerberg is registered to vote in Santa Clara County, California, but does not identify himself as being affiliated with the Republican, Democratic, or any other party. In September of 2016 he was quoted saying "I think it's hard to affiliate as being either a Democrat or a Republican. I'm pro-knowledge economy," Well, maybe. He is pro money. Everything he does or doesn't do is about how he can use his company to make more money and in that manner he's politically agnostic.

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This is even better news than a decrease in that other fulminating disease abusing us Humans, COVID... and, I suspect that the side effects of Facebook for young people in the future as they get older will be worse than anything which COVID leaves behind. The internet is forever and few of us do not have things, thoughts in particular, better left in the past...

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Using expenses as an excuse sounds like a good excuse..

Naww. Facebook kept banning me over the years for the most dumb things.

So like living with an a abusing partner...

I left..

Apparently im not good enough to hang with their left and found others who greet me with open arms and make me feel welcome..

Facebook dead in my opinion.

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