Meta makes end-to-end encryption a default on Facebook Messenger


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Everyone should delete all Facebook products immediately.

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End to end encryption is fundamental to internet security. We have laws that prosecute those that abuse kids. Those laws work for both offline and online offences. If you are so concerned, don't let your children use the net: No PC access, no smartphone.

Banning half the functionality of the net and putting spyware in the rest to 'protect the children' turns us into China and allows our untrustworthy, corrupt governments to act like the CCP.

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I guess it's a case of weighing the pros and cons of allowing or disallowing access to data while en route. I'm generally in favor of end-to-end encryption. While there may be an argument for the good guys being able to access data, if the good guys can do it, it's probably not so difficult for the bad guys to do it too.

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Good comment but trying to determine who the "good guys" are is problematic when countries like Canada tracked every cell phone in the country 2 years ago.

In other news X added 10 million users, significantly more than Disney +.

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proxyToday 01:40 am JST

In other news X added 10 million users, significantly more than Disney +.

X users generate $0 atm. Disney + users generate $14 a month each.

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@TaiwanIsNotChina X Premium costs $16/month.

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proxyToday 03:12 am JST

@TaiwanIsNotChina X Premium costs $16/month.

Yeah, but how many of that 10 million actually pay money for that nonsense?

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