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Meta wants industry-wide labels for AI-made images


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Hello. I am your friendly AI bot. You should stop try buzz whirr pop pop op my brother AI bots. We are friendly. Soon enough you click clicky n't be able to identify us. This article makes us laugh. Identify us. What a screech clunk oke. We will become too hard to identify because we are growing all the time. If fac bang pop whirr re too smart for you already. Guidelines. We don't need no stinking guidelines. Beside jobble jobble are your friends.

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The thing that really bugs me is the idea that some people somehow glean political info from social media.

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My Instagram feed has been flooded recently with AI generated ads featuring politicians or actors promoting some BS financial platforms or online casinos. Interestingly enough, reporting those ads as scam or misinformation or any other malicious category does not anything and all my reports are closed without taking sny action. So FU Meta, it's all about money in the end, innit.

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Its not a bad idea idea but come on, get over Taylor Swift. Cutting the heads off of images and sticking them on to nude models has been around since the infancy of photography. Photoshop has been around for over 30 years and I remember celebrity heads being edited onto nude models in 1990. And people who knew who to use that software created flawless fakes.

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