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Meteoric rise of South Korea's webtoons powers Nasdaq IPO

By Claire LEE

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But he taught himself how -- by taking photographs of himself and his surroundings and then copying them with a pen -- while working part-time at a convenience store and delivering pizzas.

That was a great start for Bae but now with multimodal transformers tsuch content is spammed endlessly online.

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Webtoons have become the subject of kdrama - check out 'W - Two Worlds' (2016).

A kdrama costs serious money to produce and only a small number are made. Webtoons are a way of getting your story out there without spending sacks of cash, without writing a full length novel and without having to have mates in the industry. Companies that won't read your unsolicited script will take notice if you have a large audience reading your webtoon.

Dickens first issued most of his novels as partworks in magazines. He would monitor the public response as it appeared, whilst writing later chapters. Webtoon authors can do the same. Rejigging a Kdrama is tougher if the viewing figures drop. A webtoon origin can reduce risk. But you can also annoy the fan base if you make changes.

Novelists have been orientating their work so that it is primed for a NetFlix adaptation for some time. Webtoon writers may need to limit the expensive special effects if they want a kdrama deal.

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Good on him for escaping the nine to five grind and succeeding via something he loves

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