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MHI Group begins Phase 2 of demonstration testing of automated valet parking system using robots


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems Ltd have begun Phase 2 of demonstration testing of an automated valet parking system at Shisui Premium Outlets, a mall located in Chiba Prefecture. The system employs automated guided vehicle (AGV) robots, dubbed "Stan," manufactured by Stanley Robotics, a French venture-backed company.

Phase 1 of the demonstration testing of this automated valet parking system, the first application of its kind in a commercial complex in Japan, took place in June. The initial phase had two core aims: to verify handling performance using AGV robots, and to evaluate user satisfaction.

For Phase 2, the original system has been upgraded with the addition of a newly developed smartphone app, and testing will focus on verifying the enhanced system's performance in automating the four aspects of valet parking: vehicle drop-off, transportation to the parking space, parking, and delivery and exiting. As in Phase 1, the demonstration testing will take place in a designated parking zone at Shisui Premium Outlets, an outlet mall in Chiba Prefecture developed and operated by Mitsubishi Estate-Simon Co Ltd, with cooperation from Mitsubishi Estate Group. Vehicles of personnel affiliated with the mall will be used.

Deployment of the enhanced automated valet parking system enables significant reduction in waiting time at vehicle pick-up, as the user can confirm the vehicle's readiness and the congestion status by smartphone app. User convenience and safety are further enhanced as the vehicle can be dropped off and picked up without human contact, reducing risk of COVID infection. For the business operator, system deployment generates new value by providing the user with extra time to enjoy shopping and dining within the commercial complex.

MHI Group said it will apply the knowledge gained from the demonstration testing toward achieving early commercialization and adoption of automated valet parking systems at commercial complexes, airports, amusement parks, hospitals, and other large-scale facilities throughout Japan.

Source: MHI Group

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... no need to hire people anymore.

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 no need to hire people anymore.

you mean no need to hire foreign labor.

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Probably is not a big priority, but I would like to know to what degree this solution is "energy efficient". Taking into account the amount of time that can be consumed parking a car in a convenient position or having the car running while idle it could even mean that letting the robots do it could save enough resources (gar or electricity) to make it an advantage.

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Some obvious benefits like being able to have narrower parking spaces, which will have a space saving advantage, with economic and environmental advantages.

... no need to hire people anymore

Shopping malls in Japan tend not to employ parking valets, at least not those I've been to.

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