Miami’s crypto craze on full display at bitcoin conference


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Governments will probably regulate stablecoins and outlaw the rest. Although BitCoin can be policed, governments don't like stuff moving across borders without being gated by the state. And in case you haven't noticed, governments are back in charge.

NFTs may go the same way for allowing money to be easily moved around across borders under cover of representing the ownership of intangible things.

Blockchain is just one aspect of distributed systems, and perhaps not the best poster child for a new wave of distributed systems.

You can develop anywhere if you can get the coders and money together. New rules on migrant labour are blocking coders, although they can work online from home in distant lands. It is easier to be able to get people together in the same room for problem solving. Money is often locked away in extant tech companies (who don't innovate much - GAFA haven't for years) or in finance companies (who focus on money in, money out, which doesn't help with product development and sustainability).

Get it all in one place and the next generation of distributed systems are on the cusp of appearing. 'Overdue' is probably a better term. GAFA really froze development once they were established. GAFA have been very lazy and may pay a price for that.

-Why would anyone ever use Western Union again?

I never have. But the answer is - Because they have brand awareness, the government aren't likely to ban them, and whatever the form your cash takes, it has to be accepted by the people you buy stuff from - for example, ebay and Amazon. In general, people do like their currency to be relatively stable as well. That's the beauty or living in the developing world but storing your cash in a form that is pegged to a currency better run than your own. And that is where the distributed fintech revolution will really kick off.

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What incredible irony. The city most likely to be first underwater from global warming seeks to become of one the largest current contributors to global warming.

You can't make these things up.

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A "Get Rich Quick" convention Miami. Crypto has too many criminals using it for me to get involved. There are lots of wealthy people, sure, and they don't mind the risk when someone else gets hurt.

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