Microsoft adds shortcuts, security to new browser


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Firefox lost my bookmarks, 3 times! Chrome can't handle many websites, particularly ones with security functions. So I use IE due to this process of deduction.

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hmm, why do I have a google chrome advertisement just above my comments? it says CLICK HERE TO INSTALL.

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In so far as web browsers go, Opera rules!

Here's why:

=> You can take notes. Very often, you want to cut and paste something from a web page. The Opera "notepad" opens in a tab inside the browser. Can you do this with IE? It's very cumbersome to have to open Windows notepad, just to take notes, and then forget where you stored them.

=> In Opera, you can view all your simultaneously downloads in one tab, pause, and resume with the file transfers manager. When you're downloading more than one file simultaneously in IE, it's very annoying to have to scroll thru the download windows to check if your downloads have finished.

=> The toolbar. Folks, I have an icon to each of my most frequently visited site on a single line of the Opera toolbar. All the web sites that I frequent are one click away. There are about 25 favicons on my toolbar right now, and it's compact, and not even cluttering the browser. In IE, you'd have to click on Favorites (that's one click), click on any subfolder under favorites (that's two clicks), and find what you're looking for (that totals three clicks).

=> Opera speed dials. In case you want to quickly bookmark a web site, you just drag it onto a speed dial, which has a thumbnail preview, so you won't forget what the web site is about later on. Google Chrome tried to rip off this idea via 9 most visited web sites. But this defeats the idea that you can't choose the contents of the "speed dials" in Google Chrome.

=> Security. I stopped using IE as my main browser along time ago, during an age where I would get malicious software installed on my computer just from visiting a web site with IE.

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Oh, I forget, with the Opera "notepad", all changes are immediately auto-saved, meaning you don't have to save anything to any file. The browser remembers what you stored in the notepad, even 0.1 millisecond after your last "notepad" entry your computer crashes. Now, that is convenience.

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I go for the fastet browser, if Firefox, Opera or Microsoft make one faster than Google, I change. Until then, I dont need open 30 pages or toolbars. Heck, I dont even need to buy Microsoft office or download and install free Open Office with google docs.

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the Norwegian entrant Opera

Opera is not an entrant. It's been in the market since 1996.

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Safari 4 (beta) made my head turn. And it works on a PC too. IE is always playing catch up.

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"The number of browsers has grown to a dizzying array, from Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox, the two most popular, to Apple Inc’s Safari, Google Inc’s Chrome, the Norwegian entrant Opera and others"

well that's not quite true as opera was around before firebox and alot of the other browsers have taken features from opera to use in their own. wow like the big excitement some(including the news) made about tabbed browsing in others browsers... like how new... no not really just another copy.

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I use Opera and find it's the best for me.

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