Microsoft bets big on new phone software


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I will stick with my iPhone as it is cool.

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There's no telling if MS will abandon this OS just like their last failed one, so app developers are understandably hesitant to enter the market.

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To be fair, Windows mobile has been around for a very long time. I was programming apps for it something like 5 years ago. And the reason it failed (from a programmer's perspective -- I think they sold a hefty number of licenses) is because it was truly horrible. I'm no longer programming for a living so I don't know anything about Windows phone 7, but I assume apps will be developed on .NET, which is a reasonable platform (as long as it is equivalent to the desktop version). It's not my favorite platform, but then neither is the Objective C platform on the iPhone or the modified Java platform on the Android.

I suspect there will be no shortage of apps. The real test is whether or not people buy them. Android is gaining a lot of momentum. It will certainly be interesting to see who wins out in the end.

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Like who cares about the windows phone.

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iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia.....ummm Dear microsoft - please stick to PC's, focus on improving that (because boy does it need it)

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Apps is the name of the game. It's all programed on a timely basis for the consumer to buy the latest Apps as soon as it's available! PROFIT is the bottom line, no doubt about it.

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Does anyone other than Ballmer get excited over MS anymore? The rest of the world has probably finally realized that they hawk nothing but crap

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