Microsoft CEO says unfair practices by Google led to its dominance as search engine


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Microsoft accuses Google of unfair practices . . .

Now that is the pot calling the kettle black!

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Nadella said Google's dominance was due to agreements that made it the default browser on smartphones and computers. Nadella said users fundamentally don't have much choice in switching out of default web browsers on cell phones and computers.

Anybody protesting which OS by default they got when they buy computer? Anybody protesting when try to browse internet, Edge is the default browser?

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Microsoft complaining about unfair practices is a bit rich.

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Nature in its most perverse intention afforded Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella be blessed with a fork tongue at birth.....

From 2007....

Opera tells EU that Microsoft's IE hurts the Web

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At my Japanese company, we have to use Microsoft Edge and Bing on our company PCs. It's infuriating!

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It was a pain when I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 to remove as much Edge rubbish as I could. I set my default browser to Firefox. Then Windows Upgrades started resetting my default programs to Microsoft one. I had to search to find a way to control Upgrade so that it didn't change my default programs. I also dislike Microsoft's other defaults such as Photo Viewer.

I thought Bing had gone the way of Internet Explorer. It should.

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Bing and edge/ie are very useful and it would be difficult for many users if it's not included in windows installations.

I use it without fail everytime I buy a new laptop or reinstall windows from scratch.

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The Justice Department alleges Google has abused the dominance of its ubiquitous search engine to throttle competition and innovation at the expense of consumers,

Who's complaining?

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What do the bums expect when they use broken windows?

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"Who's complaining?"

Microsoft is whining because they want to dominate search and throttle competition and innovation at the expense of the consumers!

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Amusing. Microsoft are accusing Google of all the things they did, and stuff that is basic to the tech playbook.

The truth is that anyone could have started a search engine, and someone of the size of Microsoft, with the leverage they had, could have done it before Google and baked it into Internet Explorer from Day 1.

But Microsoft are older than Google. As tech companies age, they lose innovation, embrace the corporate way and are led by lawyers.

Anyone can still build a search engine, either one that works like Google or Bing, or a distributed one with additional functionality - persistent search, crowd search, better contextualisation, so much else.

It is easier to compete with Google because Google search is now so restricted - limited results, much of the web censored, heavy reliance on commercial links.

Bing was just a poor product, like Windows ME, Vista, Clippy, the Ribbon, flawed updates that break stuff and so much else that Microsoft have dumped on users, as they have poor internal quality controls and don't give a toss about users.

Microsoft is a huge company that still pretty much owns the desktop. Whining that they are the little guy and got picked on by Google is just embarrassing.

There is always an opportunity to win at the next big thing online. Distributed systems are likely to be that (not 'AI') - much more resilient, much lower costs, much less subject to malware. The future is there for anyone who wants to, to grab it and be the next GAFA. Microsoft could do that, but by innovating, not by whining and employing more lawyers.

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Can’t that guy afford a suit?

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A bit rich coming from they, who tried to shove Internet Explorer down every Windows users PC for years!

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Here's the latest unfair practice from Microsoft. From today's news:

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Google is the BEST search engine, and that is why it is top! Don't ruin Google for being the best!

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When they slam Google ... it will really be at the expense of the consumers :-)

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Google is the BEST search engine, and that is why it is top! Don't ruin Google for being the best!

Except if you take into account privacy and how companies profit from your information, in that case other options clearly surpass Google without appreciable differences for what a search engine is used by most users.

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It's always sometime else's fault when the largest company on the history of Earth can't compete. Poor babies.

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My dog, I would never choose to use Bing or Edge, they are so intrusive on every new windows systems. Apart from being complete rubbish. I tend to use DuckDuck a lot because of its added security features, but then I also use TOR and a VPN. These cut out all the c***.

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