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Gamer outrage prompts Xbox One policy change


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Still no free online play.

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The power of Sony. Wasn't that a commercial?

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I am feed-up with all those "free only" appstore generation people whining for everything even for 0.99$ when they do not complain paying 5x this price for a cup of coffee, listen there is hard work behind every single piece of code you are enjoying in a game and they deserve some revenue, like if the wide spread piracy was not already enough to kill them...

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Ah, so they wait until they sell a lot and then re-implement it.

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There's still a lot of unanswered issues regarding licenses, DRM, and the creepy big brother eye.

Citizen2012: The case here isn't that people whine about paying for a cheap app, it's that Xbox wants to say that any games you buy aren't yours to own and that even after you buy it, you have to pay more to share it. If you bought a car, I don't want to pay Honda if you give me a lift.

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There's also no other industry that I can think of that feels they have the right to tell you what you can do with your own product. Would it be OK for the music and movie industry to say you cannot sell your discs or bring them to a friend's house? If that's the plan then fine. Charge me much less to compensate for the lack of use and residual value. Don't keep raising the prices like I'm stupid. And honestly, how much revenue are console video game software makers losing from piracy? Those with the knowledge to do it for that kind of system are extremely rare.

I'm glad they changed their position, but gosh, it sure seems like they were in the bubble on this one.

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At least they will have better UI than PS4..

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Fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity. It's called Xbox 360.

Don Mattrick June 12, 2013

Way to backpedal, Don.

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MS hasn't said anything about the policies for digital downloads and has only made general comments in respect of disc based games.

Are the prices the same for disc and digital? It shouldn't be, but they currently are the same. So, although digital helps MS (and Sony), they haven't been willing to cut prices for digital downloads.

Will there be additional fees for online MP access if you are not the original owner? Publishers are now using this practice, so we should expect it to continue and expand.

Currently, digital downloads cannot be shared, but it appeared that MS' earlier policy allowed you to use your digital downloads at a friend's house or with members in your "family". So, maybe there was a benefit to MS' new policy if you fit that pattern.

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Game-Over for both MS and Sony if Steam decides to enter the console industry.

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They all ready have.

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Ah Microsuck! What were they thinking when they introduced this rubbish? As soon as i heard about this 24 hourly internet varification i knew it would spell the end for the Xbox Vs Play Station war. Glad to see they have back peddled, but it still leaves too many consumers with a bad taste in their mouths. I think the only thing they achieved was to boost Play Station sales. Now, if they would adjust the price of the consol to be competitive with the Play Station they might start selling some. One would think that Microsuck learned their lesson with the Zune. Does anybody remember the Zune? Of course not!

2 ( +4 / -2 )

@kiyoshiMukai - PS4 users will also require a paid subscription for online play I think. I've had PS1 through to PS3, but I gradually play less and less games and not sure I'll get either console, although if one of them comes with great media centre features I might pick one up by Christmas.

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I'm happy with Angry Birds on my iPad.

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At least they will have better UI than PS4..

And you know this how? Have you already used both systems?

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GO Sony love the Playstation anything.

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No, but as a consumer who owned all previous consoles, I can say that Sony does a terrible job at making a UI system for their console. Let's see... no party chat, which should have been MANDATORY, in PS3. They managed to created a UI system which would take players ages to browse through their friends.

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I am feed-up with all those "free only" appstore generation people whining for everything

News flash. We had to pay for stuff that was considered a ridiculous joke. Never did people think it would become reality. Example is dlc character.

Many games butchered their quality. The tales games started locking alot of their mini game costumes which were available to be unlocked in past generations. Half baked games have game breaking glitches which are casually just fixed with a patch. The laziness of game developers is prominent this generation.

Some developers were charging for a difficulty mode. What hard work. THey are getting paid more for their games. Some places have a 70 dollar retail price and others are 60. Game devs are telling me that they need more? Give me a break.

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Too late... They've shown their colors and their intentions. What's to stop them from reinstating the policy once sales start to pick up again? No. I now trust Microsoft just slightly more than I trust Apple... About as much as I'd trust a perfect stranger to hold my wallet while I go to the toilet.

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Xbox 180!

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I've been out of the console gaming field since my last original Xbox. Missed out on the PS2,PS3 and I don't touch Nanny-tendo except for maybe a handheld for my pokemon fix. Microstock totally did make me not like the new system with the always on internet thing. Well, guess I'll be playing around with my Vita and PC games for quite a while then.

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The new Microsoft Office pricing has angered its customers, the Sim Cities launch was a disaster thanks to having to connect to their crappy server and the Adobe subscription service pushed away many long time customers; the market place has spoken and Don had listened.

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PC is the only way to go, IMO. but its only that, My opinion. I will say though that I believe Steam has already entered the TV with "Steam Big Picture" which basically sets your Computer up to be like a console in some ways, For a much better Television experience with your PC. So.. they wont enter the console market, they don't have too with Steambox. Its basically a pre-built PC. I'm excited for PCs future with the Oculus (Youtube search (Virtuix Omni: Walk Inside Video Games!) incase you dont know what im talking about!) as well. We'll see what the future holds though for MS and Sony.. Not promising though in my opinion, again - just my opinion, others are welcome to have their own.

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@John Master Whilst I agree that the PS1 through PS3 and their handhelds have had disappointing UI, Somy have changed, they've added party chat, they've gotten rid of the XMB and replaced it with a system that's easy to use and understand. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot and the head with the DRM move, trying to force it on people, but now they're backing down. It'll take a while to see whether it'll improve their sales or their reputation, but they still need to address the Kinect camera issue too. If that breaks in any way, you can't access your console until you get a new one... that seems a little flawed to me.

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still has the mandatory always on kinect. Until I don't have to have it connected to run it. They don't get my money. Even if they did do that, I still wouldn't give them my money because of these crazy ideas. Sorry Xbox, it was a good run between us.

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