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Microsoft slashes Xbox 360 prices in Japan


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Id get one if it were cheaper

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Despite the fact, that Microsoft is already bleeding money for their Xbox they are going to slash their prices?

Isn't it nice if one of your monopolies helps you not only to get into other markets but also covers losses the size of small countries budgets?

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Microsoft slashing prices and Nintendo's share prices going up!

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Sounds good to me.

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Sony PS3 is kicking MS butt all over the world

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The more expensive the better, I already spend to much time on the internet posting. If I bought a game console, I wouldn't have time to go to work. LOL!

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Great news, my boy has been bedgering me for one of these for ages.

I`ll buy one and a couple of racing games on his birthday next month.

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...and it still doesn't sell here in japan

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Here in the US my son will be sending back his Xbox for repair/replace he got the Red Ring of death again (this is the second time in a year).

Microsoft has some serious quality control issues...Oh yes don't forget about Vista (another total flop for Microsoft..again quality control issue). Even Bill Gates see's the writting on the wall, he's leaving the company.

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