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Microsoft counts on allies in mistimed tablet market


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How long will it take Microsoft to burn through all of its money through deals like the Nokia and the B&N debacles?

Long enough for them to realize that consumers don't like companies that take three tries to come up with something mediocre?

Unlike corporations, consumers feel that their money is a scarce commodity.

For the most part, people don't buy Microsoft products, they buy a cheap computer that Microsoft arm-twisted the OEMs into installing Windows on. That's why they don't update either.

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Tablets powered by Windows 8 software are expected by the end of this year.

How long until the third version?

Tablets are a markedly different UI from WIMPs.

“The clock is ticking. Even though Microsoft has advantages, it doesn’t have a lot of time to deliver something to market.”

The clock has run out.

The enterprise market likes and needs its cubicle farms.

It is not going to suddenly change management styles for the likes of a suppliers supplier.

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Does it come complete with the usual Microsoft Windows flaws, viruses, and the dozen RAM draining security software programs you need? The day after they start selling this thing they'll be apologizing for leaking customer information and sending patches for the holes in the operating system.

“Sometimes we focus too much on the technology,”

Says the guy at the company about to launch what the hope will rival Apple technology.

“Sometimes Microsoft is too early to the party,” Cherry said. “Timing is everything.”

They really ought to get someone else to speak on their behalf. This guy is a nitwit -- if "timing is everything" then he's saying being early, as he admits Microsoft often is, is bad... or is he saying being late is bad?

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Microsoft has lost it.


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I'll buy one. I have been using the Customer Beta version of Windows 8 and even tho I am not thrilled with the new tablet interface it still runs my productivity software which is compatible with what I use at work.

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Apple Ipad 10, $800 Microsoft new tablet, $500


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