Microsoft unveils Windows 11; first major update in 6 years


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I'm excited

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A company that cannot run a video feed urging us to use its operating system. Genius PR.

Still, they have holed Apple's app scam below the water line and are promising Android apps on the desktop.

It's basically Windows 10 with a makeover and some new toys. The next gen stuff - built in distributed operation - isn't there. That may be a good thing, as MS has a habit of breaking things when it makes changes, and we don't really want MS owning/controlling the future anyway.

It will require UEFI Secure Boot firmware and a TPM 2.0 security chipset, so that's two substantial blows for the environment, creating a lot of electronic skip fodder.

What restrictions it imposes, what it won't work with, what functionality it takes away, what it blocks (IE for starters) and how many back doors it has, won't be in the shiny happy hand outs.

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Wondering if Microsoft is planning something, so it can get Windows 11 to the mobile phone market. Something beyond Surface Duo. Surely the plan can't be to let Android apps slowly begin to dominate the Windows Store.

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Microsoft Windows 11 event in 7 minutes: Android Apps, New Start Menu, Free Upgrade

Here we go, I would go for a clean install. back up all stuff on T5 SSD

Windows 11 clean installation process, new OOBE, desktop experience

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I suspect that Microsoft has a agreement of sorts with Google/Android...

I have a 2 Fujitsu Lifebook's above the minimum requirements, and with windows 10 pro installed.

One has number of program/apps, some new some old.

I will clean install the other.

I am going to give windows 11 a pop. see what occurs.

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Macroshaft Windblows. Blech. Win10 is terrible and now one cannot even buy Office (Orifice) once, install it on your computer and be done. Now you have to pay Macroshaft every year for the privilege of having Orifice on your computer. What a sucky company. This is why people all around the world are standing up and clapping as legislative bodies all around the world take action to reign these abusive giants in. It cannot happen fast enough.

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Install Apache OpenOffice suite, it is free..

If you have a problem with Microsoft

Then try a Linux desktop environment on a defunct machine, you will be surprised.

Take a look...

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Been a happy Linux user for over a decade. Support has actually increased as programmers are defaulting more to websites not installed programs, but also there are downloadables as well for any program more than ever.

When coders grow up on Linux they're more likely to support it themselves.

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Looks like Microsoft has a touch of Apple envy! The GUI looks more and more like macOS!

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The IU interface is intuitive, it is simplistic, need a few weeks to play with windows 11.

The android stuff and the apps is well confusing, not negativity but different.

I need a week or so.

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Yes its the way, possibly one upgrades.

The options, in some respects, I don't know, it is trying to please all, but could be a step back. It takes time to work through the changes, nothing wrong with change.

Is it the right change for right now?

Big tech are unable to whisper, arm around shoulder, and state we have some new ideas.

It is a baseball bat philosophy, bang down you go,

The need wheedle, coax their coatomers is lost in a need to run around in circles without any reason to simplify the process,

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Windows, Mac and Android are all crap operating systems, but apparently the human race is full of computer masochists.

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Anybody still expects anything good from it?

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I keep hearing about Linux but to the best of my admittedly meager knowledge it is much like Unix. I remember Unix from grad school and it was simply horrible to use. It reminded me of writing DOS commands.

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I keep hearing about Linux but to the best of my admittedly meager knowledge it is much like Unix.

Linux is the kernel, and used to refer to the family of operating systems that operate on it. Unix was the first OS operating on that kernel. They're sort of the same thing.

I remember Unix from grad school and it was simply horrible to use. It reminded me of writing DOS commands.

Linux computers and servers still operate like that under the hood, and those of us working in the industry work with the command line as a major tool of our work. However, there are plenty of GUIs built on top of Linux, that are alternatives to windows/macos, and work just fine.

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Oh tech! More modern humans have to connect their brain to these complicated statistics? Gotta eat more walnuts then!

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Windows 11 is expected to become available later this year on new computers and other devices and as a free update for those with Windows 10. It includes a host of cosmetic upgrades, such as a new Start button, a revamped task bar and sounds, and under-the-hood features designed to boost speed and efficiency.

Is that all that it is? Not once again more dependency on and and information transfer to the mothership? Anyone knows?

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I've tried various distros of Linux and am very impressed, especially with the speed on old hardware, it's just that most of the software sucks. A lot of it is imitation Microsoft, which is marginally worse. As for Windows 11, it's just more of the same. A mac-like dock and mac-like rounded corners. Big deal! But between Microsoft and Linux, I'd take Linux every time!

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This sounds like something good for businesses who want to contact with you and bad for people who don't want to be contacted. Right now, you can't play a game of Microsoft Solitaire without enduring ads for other games. Is Windows 11 offering any new features, faster speeds, or anything valuable?

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Never have problems with macOS or iOS. Still running 10-year-old macs

I like Mac OS too but it is all made in China. My next laptop will be US made and the only Chinese made components are the plastic shell and the battery. Everything else is either US or Taiwanese made and yes I will happily pay a premium for this. The only US made Mac is a big desktop I can't use.

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Sounds like a newly refurbished Win10 design with integrated Unix virtual machine support, because all those Unixes and phone OS like iOS or Android are in fact all some kind of Unix dialect, a partial slice of the whole Unix, adapted, tailored and restricted to the needs of the specific devices. For many years you already could have run several OS on one machine with VMware and such, also with commonly used data partitions or data and program access between the different OS. Now that is maybe more integrated and not so much visible and separated anymore, but the main principle will be probably the same. Let’s see, what it will turn out. And of course it makes no much sense to complain as long as it is free in most cases and still a worldwide quasi-standard on most business and private machines.

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I see that I need a computer compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver. My Direct X is okay, but my WDDM driver is old, so I guess I won't be using this anyway.

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