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Microsoft delays controversial AI Recall feature on new Windows computers


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Worst MS gimmick ever, and that is saying something. These people pay themselves so much and then produce stuff like this.

Having to pay for 'AI' in a system - an NPU you don't need or want, extra processing in the background scanning your stuff, draining your battery, and intrusive 'Clippy AI' junk is not a step forward in computing.

As you may not be able to turn all of this off, hang on to your non-AI systems. Decline to 'up'grade. Hopefully the AI bubble will implode even sooner than the mooted date of 2026.

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AI DATA centers increase the power demand by 30-50%.

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It's always been Windows policy to use its customers as free beta testers. They either put out systems/apps when they really buggy or they screw up apps that they bought that worked well before they microsofted them. Skype and the todo list that used to be Wunderbar are good examples.

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Sadly, this is the kind of 'feature' Micro and soft, and OpenAI is going to force on PC users, and Apple walked right into it.

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recall works by periodically taking snapshots of a computer screen

what part of personal computer (pc) don't they understand?...

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So all these screenshots need to be stored somewhere, and if your local storage can’t handle it, then all that private information goes to your limited the Cloud space, which fills up and then where does it go ?

Privacy concerns are seriously a huge issue here. If you’re an activist using a VPN regularly, then this feature simply makes a mockery of security.

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Sh1mon M4sada

Sadly, this is the kind of 'feature' Micro and soft, and OpenAI is going to force on PC users, and Apple walked right into it.

No, it didn't. Apple have their own, completely private AI, but allow users to use OpenAI if they choose to.

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Most of the people above have good points. AI IS in fact pushed on us. For me though it's less of a problem. I have IA. Intelligence -- artificial. (AI, really, though, at this point should be a chosen item, not one that we have have no choice with and something we have to cope with.)

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