Microsoft denies forcing Windows 10 upgrade


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In Win Seven, Win 10 automatically sets itself up to download and upgrade; you have to go into the update options and uncheck the box, each and every time. It's just as bad as Adobe automatically installing McAfee software, unless you uncheck a little box. Easy to miss if you are in a hurry.

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There's a handy little free tool by some security company that stops the automatic download and will even delete the installation files downloaded without your knowledge. It's called "Never10". Run it once and you're done. Very handy.

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Stopped mine myself then turned off all automatic updates lol

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turned off all automatic updates lol

That's not a very good idea... that way you won't be getting any future security updates, at least not until you update your system manually each time.

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As an innocent question, why all the bad rap for Windows 10? Or is it more being angry about being forcefully changed to a new OS?

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It's called Never10

I used that. Worked a treat.

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why all the bad rap for Windows 10?

The first thing I noticed was the user personalization options. They've been completely crippled. If you like boney white title bars and a very limited range of color options for anything else, you might like Windows 10. It uses "themes" to set the screen environment. You have a very limited choice of ugly Microsoft themes (muddy, blinding, flat, clashing seem to be the main choices), and no way to edit them. After trying for days to get a color scheme that I could work with, I experimented with installing my own theme from a Windows 7 computer. Fortunately it worked.

On top of that, I've found Windows 10 to be less stable than Windows 7, especially with Microsoft Office software. I get a lot of crashes with PowerPoint in particular. It also seems slower. When opening a folder containing a large number of files, it can take ages for the green bar to slide across the top of Explorer. And then there's all the sneaky stuff. For example, one of the files installed automatically with WIndows 10 is "Get Office." It's only function is to create nag screens to buy Office software.

Some of this would be forgiveable if they'd fixed any of the "traditional" Windows defects, like the hopeless networking system. But Windows 10 seems to have all the old faults plus some brand new ones of its own.

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Many sites I enter I am informed that my computer setup is out of date ... and that I should upgrade it ... meaning ... take Windows 10 ... which, so far, I have refused to do. But the pressure seems to be building to take Windows 10 or else ...

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BS it is being forced, I have been declining now on a daily basis pretty much. The other day one popped up & like in the article I don't recall seeing don't upgrade option & it said something like set to upgrade in 30min, I think I clicked at X in the upper right hand corner than went back to work......

30min later up pops a screen Win 10 upgrade in progress could take 90minutes....WTF!!

I couldn't get it to stop so I had to hold down the power button to shut it down!!! SOBs!!

I am not sure whether Win 10 is good or not, but over the years & almost ALWAYS have problems when I mess with my laptop so I DONT want too!! Can risk my PC getting messed up I aint a computer geek.

But yeah imo MS is pretty much trying to FORCE the upgrades, its NOT making me happy!!

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If you haven't upgraded, or downloaded the upgrade: Go into Windows Update and open Installed updates. Search for: KB 3035583 Uninstall it Reboot and run Windows Update Look at the downloads Select the KB 3035583, right click and Hide. Every so often it will want to reinstall, so check and Hide if required.

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Windows is abysmal: ads on the start menu, spyware collecting details of everything you do, forced upgrades and updates. Microsoft behave as if they own your computer and can do what they like with it. Luckily I rarely have to use Windows these days.

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My PC just suddenly shut down and tried to restart with Windows 10, I had to shut it down and restart it but it took a few minutes to get back to Windows 7.

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One of Windows 10's new features is its optimized update delivery system. If Microsoft's servers are busy, Windows 10 can grab updates for the operating system and for Windows Store apps from other computers -- either on your local network or over the Internet.

With the rush to Win10, the Win10 file sharing options maybe slowing your computer down.

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I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I haven't experienced any problems with Windows 10.

If you want to continue to use Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can find lots of ways to stop the Windows 10 upgrade pop-up by simply Googling "how to stop the windows 10 upgrade pop-up."

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Thanks for the answers everyone. Has anyone experienced the switch between Windows 8 and 10, and which one is better?

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If have Win8, might as well upgrade to Win10

Just a couple more months then the free upgrade goes away

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