Microsoft, Google embroiled in bitter dispute over online shopping


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I will just keep going directly to seller's websites to buy things. I don't need a search engine to tell me where to go to buy my goods.

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In English, "dispute" means a strong disagreement.. The word "battle" is more appropriate here, I think.

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With all this on-line shopping going on, why are the shopping malls still jammed?

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Online shopping doesn't have those door prizes. "Be the 1st 50 people in the door and get a $50 gift card" or something like that.

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Bing is another Micro$oft horrible.

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Bing gives me better results than Google does now, but Google still has a better image search. If you think it's horrible, you obviously haven't used it much.

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Bing is garbage, I tried it few times and was left scratching my head. Doing identical searches, Google offered better search results.

Google is still so much better,

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Microsoft calling Google dodgy -- that's rich.

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