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Microsoft hires OpenAI founders to lead AI research team after ChatGPT maker's shakeup


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The new head of OpenAI Emmett Shear has stated CEO duties could be automated by AI.

I for one am in full agreement and Open AI should have an AI CEO.

Go full acceleration.

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A colleague and friend stated as we were have a snifter or three insisting Microsoft would hire OpenAI  Pinky and Perky, Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, stating its all a deceptive smoke and mirrors game of mirage and trickery, big boys pass the parcel.

I choked, fluff off, I will eat my favorite Walk n Dior platforms first...

Heck how am I going to tenderize rubber tough Cotton enforced fabric.

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Successful communication is when B fully understands what A is trying to say. So we very far AI bystanders only understand wild panic, fear and chaos. I guess that's not completely what they wanted to say, but on the other side it might also not completely false what we now have understood.

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A Coute'd of all Coua'd by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in hiring Sam Altman.

Satya Nadella is the Mafioso Don Corlene Leader of the Tech Industry.

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Folks, just watch this AI stuff is just going to make things worse & worse over time, scary stuff!

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Microsoft are hedging their bets, no matter what happens with OpenAI, that they will have the brains and knowledge behind the tech

Meanwhile, OpenAI employees are now threatening to quit unless the board resigns

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worse over time, scary stuff!

No it's not. It's simply a new method to calculate something. Mathematical tools have been in use for several centuries and they just develop further like other technologies too. Mechanical adding machines, slide rules, electronic pocket calculators, computers, AI systems, next quantum computers. Nothing gets really worse than before or is scary. The only thing in common is, they are dead material and not intelligent at all, they become it only in combination with us humans and usage of our brains. So if humans are developing into more stupid and scary then AI accompanies that process and maybe a bit amplifies it. I guess you mean it this way.

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Microsoft have invested over $11 billion in OpenAI, plus a continuing commitment to provide OpenAI with the extensive computer power it needs to build its A.I modeling

Microsoft has reportedly signed a deal that will secure OpenAI’s 21st CN leading front end technology, working tirelessly the last 18 months.

OpenAI’s management breakdown and what led to such a event is still a mystery, as is the terms of the partnership.

So all this adverse publicity is a acute embarrassment for both companies.

Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella dropped the ball here.

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If the OpenAI employees do quit and join Altman at Microsoft, Microsoft essentially makes an acquisition without making an acquisition, lol

"Microsoft emerges as big winner from OpenAI turmoil"


"Microsoft's valuation soars as OpenAI turmoil unfurls: CEO and key staff join forces"


OpenAI has a valuation of around $86 billion. Microsoft has invested around $13 billion, but only a fraction of that has been wired to the startup - while a significant portion of the funding, divided into tranches, is in the form of cloud compute purchases instead of cash

So, to keep it simple, for the cost of $13 billion, Microsoft can essentially make a $86 billion "acquisition" if the OpenAI employees quit and follow Altman to Microsoft (as of now, 725 of 770 OpenAI employees have signed the letter threatening to quit unless the OpenAI board resigns and reinstates Altman)

(Microsoft is fine going either way - whether Altman and his employees stay at OpenAI or go to Microsoft. Microsoft has certain rights to OpenAI’s intellectual property, so if their relationship were to break down, Microsoft would still be able to run OpenAI’s current models on its servers.)

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