Microsoft HoloLens goggles captivate with holograms


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So excited by this technology. Suddenly those science fiction movies like Minority report and anything that featured these hologram computer displays becomes possible. Only its not a fixed screen/projector, something seen only to those wearing the headsets. Awesome!

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Microsoft’s opening bid.

So how is this any different from Samsung Note 4 with Oculus teaming up to offer the Samsung VR, which is already on sale in the US, and which I ordered online, and is currently using? This virtual reality world is simply amazing, only seen in movies.

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Wow! Zune glasses! They'll be popular - for a week!

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@hotmail The Samsung/oculus rift is Virtual Reality, these are Augmented Reality. The holo lens is like a cross between the Occulus and Google Glasses. Google was basically just a smartphone screen in the corner of your eye, Samsung/Occulus cannot be worn walking around, you experience a whole VR world independent from reality, but Hololens can create holograms in front of you while you see the real world.

Check out Microsofts YouTube video of this. Amazing.

@disillusioned, I don't think so. This has got developers in all sorts of fields excited already

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Sword Art I come!

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An advantage of holograph is ya can use your hands to interact in it.

Virtual reality can track your head, but it can't track your hands (that's why ya need to use controllers).

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Hotmail, how is the Samsung VR different to the $5 Google Cardboard device that inspired it? Other than it being more expensive and admitedly more comfortable? The VR experience through Android phones is indeed surprisingly good, but it is very much shut out from the real world. HoloLens is all about augmenting the real world with extra 'holograms'.

The mind absolutely boggles at the possibilities. Imagine this in an Airsoft/Paintball ground, where you could augment targets that appear only to you as your run through, under, in this ground. Now thats a game i would actually play!

On a productive level I would look forward to getting rid of my PC monitors to work on virtual screens. Skype with my family while out in a park...

Where do i sign up!!

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