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Microsoft hopes 'Titanfall' can boost Xbox One


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Titanfall is joke of the game, when the last time SF mech multiplayer shooter game ruled ? This has no reality , and reality in shooters are must have , long time it passed when people liked playing Quake and Unreal in multiplayer.

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Nenad... have you actually tried it? Everyone will have thier own opinions, of course, but I'd say "a joke of a game" is a bit strong, especially considering the consistenly high reviews it has recieved so far. Anyway, having played the Beta myself I absolutely love this game and can't wait for my retail copy to be delivered! It's a refreshing take on FPS that adds several new concepts that are executed well... I haven't had this much fun in an FPS since I can't remember when. Also, I'm happy to see how well it's taking advantage of the Azure servers and what it can mean for the future of gaming as a whole for developers. Respawn has essentially shown just what Microsoft's server farm is capable of (minor hiccups alongt the way of course but they were resolved quickly), and I really do think that will give developers much more freedom and incentive to move away from Publisher owned dedicated servers. I think in the next few years the Azure cloud solution will be stantard for PC and Xbox gaming, and Sony will likely move to provide their own solution as well to try and match it. That will be great for both competition and continuing to move Cloud technology forward. It's a great time to be a gamer! :)

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Titanfall had the longest lines on last year's Tokyo Game Show.

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Did I miss it? The Xbox One was finally released in Japan?

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I can't speak for the game as a whole as I only played the demo at TGS, but my experience (as short as it was) with Titanfall was extremely pleasing. It felt fresh, even in a genre that has been become over-saturated and sold to us with a different number on it each year (in relation to on-going series.) I'm excited to pick it up once I am able to afford an Xbox One. Even though it's available on the 360, I'd rather save the cash for the XB1 version for a better overall playing experience. @Wunderheiler , The XB1 hasn't been released yet in Japan but rumors have surfaced that they'll be releasing in here sometime in April. How much you want to believe in those rumors is up to you, but I would imagine Microsoft'll have it out at least by this summer at the latest.

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nateinjapan - I had already taken a chance and pre-ordered it, but was able to spend a good amount of time with it in the Beta for Xbox One and I was definitely glad I chose to purchase it. Only regret is that I went with a retail copy instead of Digital download, but only because I could have started playing it earlier! Just got the delivery notice this morning though, so I know what I'll be doing tonight! :) Also, it's available on PC as well if you'd like to play before getting an Xbox One. It's a larger install (almost 50 GB) but only because the PC version installs with uncompressed audio so it can run on minimum spec PC's with no issue. It works very well from what I understand, although I've seen there have been some issues with Origin (published by EA so has to be purchased for PC through Origin of course).

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