Microsoft hopes Xbox One finally puts it on the media map


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People here don't have HUGE apartments with loads of space that Kinect requires, and it is forced on you.

You are forced to buy the Kinect, but it's not required for XB1 to function (you can even disconnect it). Kinect 2.0 uses even less space than the Wii, so if a J-room can use a Wii, Kinect won't be a problem. Among its other uses: as a HD webcam, it can be used for internet video chatting and "hands-free" control. With built-in microphone, it's used for voice commands like Siri.

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Interesting. Bagging on the Xbox about it's awful Kinect, but the motion sensor both the PS3 and the Wii seemed to slide under the radar. Twas funny. Liken it to the Apple vs Microsoft vs Openware groupie fights.

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Go PS4!!!!!

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I actually had a Kinect up and running in my tiny Japanese apartment, which surprisd me. Never had any problems.

That said, I think that in order for any Microsoft X-product to succeed in Japan that it would have to be rebranded. And all that TV integration re-jigglered. Japanese folks just don't consume media the same way Americans do.

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You said it right Mikune. Game consoles became popular because you can have fun, and relax at the same time. If I wanted to have fun by jumping, dancing or simply getting physical, then I guess I won't be doing it in front of a game box. If I am in search of some physical activities then I will instead go to the gym, park or maybe the pool.

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Wait so are they trying to out stage Sony in Japan? Because it wont happen here... People here don't have HUGE apartments with loads of space that Kinect requires, and it is forced on you... More than half the features in Japan wont even matter.

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