Microsoft issuing emergency fix for browser flaw


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Anyone know more about this? Can something embedded in one page and hosted at another be used to infect another?

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that's why I use Mac.

Windows is full of bugs and costs an arm and a leg.

As for the browsers, Chrome and Minefield are way much faster than IE.

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Do they issue anything that's not an emergency?

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Chrome for me is slow cos I use Linux, and CrossOver Chromium app runs under Wine!

Because Google Chrome is for Windows, and has proprietary code in it, Linux purists won't dare compile the Chrome source under GCC++ and whatever C++ can compile successfully. It's more cost-effective both bytewise and memory-wise to run Chrome under Crossover Chromium and Wine.

overall though, any browser that makes up most of the desktop and even the local file browser needs to be rethought. This is why Vista slowed down under IE7, and even why KDE is slow. In KDE's case, Konqueror is the browser for both files and the Internet. In addition, every instance of a KDE app also has KCOP and other related system software to run as well. It's like KDE's merry band of programmers are reinventing the Windows wheel in their own FSF- and GPL-of-all-flavored way.

as for Microsoft issuing anything that's a non-emergency... there is that app, i forgot the name of it, and is being pushed. The reason why I forgot its name is because I cannot see a use for its Linux analog as of yet.

At least it's better than that defunct Windows product that does very little, which I forget too.

However, I will point out that this problem could have been fixed faster if Windows code was more OS-compliant and less hobbled by lawyers pretending that software piracy is a big problem with Windows.

it isn't actually: the biggest problem is what Microsoft addresses with its emergency update for IE7.

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What are the symptoms of this 'virus'? Is it obvious to a PC owner? Does the new 'fix', in fact fix the virus or just prevent it from occurring again? Were the commercial anti-virus programmes, eg Symantec effective or not against the virus? I have read the announcement by Microsoft about this fix but none of the above questions were answered. Any advice out there?

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Any advice out there?

Use Firefox.

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this was a general browser vulnerability, not just affecting Explorer.

however, unlike normal routine Microsoft made this an emergency update instead of including it in their monthly bugfix. Firefox on the other hand was updated for this as they (Mozilla) normally do, when a problem was first found and plugged.

as for Opera, a new version seems to be out. don't know if this is related though.

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use sleipnir

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friends don't let friends use IE. Use firefox or kazehakase or whatever.

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oh and learn Linux, you're an adult now.

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I have been off EXPLORER for over a year now and FIREFOX, Mozilla is way better! Thank god for a rival to Microsoft! Thank you GOOGLE!

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"Microsoft issuing emergency fix for browser flaw"

IE is a horribly flawed browser full stop, I hate people asking me for advice about it. You strongly suggest they change browsers, but they are sheep and persist using the hideous IE.

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Firefox has never done me wrong.

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