Microsoft takes aim at Google with laptop, slim Windows


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Students won't like this machine as it won't run pirated software.

I occasionally have the misfortune to use Windows 10 and it's horrible: the interface, the slow and convoluted process of installing software, the whole experience is miserable.

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I don't like the idea of being restricted to only 'app' programs. It would just feel like an iPad at that point.

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It will run only software downloaded from the Windows Store

Ha!! How long will that last!? I bet that's the first thing that's hacked, er, "unoffically updated"

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It will run only software downloaded from the Windows Store, a limitation that Microsoft touts as a security benefit. 

The main reason I'll never return to these has beens.

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Put Linux Mint on it

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Microsoft releasing Win10 S in response to Chromebooks

Chromebooks catching on with schools giving it out for students in class - it's cheap so easily replaceable when damaged; students can only do limited things on it so they don't mess around with it; can only install store apps like iOS so unauthorized apps don't break it and malware don't infect it; can be centrally controlled by the teacher for easier management

Cheap Win10 S laptops trying to match that

Surface laptop is too expensive for that though, but I suspect those who buy that will just upgrade to 10 S anyway (free till the end of the year - afterwards it's $49)

(Or for those who know how to do it, transfer the 10 S license to another PC, then upgrade that PC to 10 Pro)

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Microsoft's latest Windows 10 platform is unstable.

Stability isn't really a main issue with Win10 (there are other issues, but stability isn't one of them). In fact, Win7, Win8, and Win10 have been quite stable - notice ya don't hear much about BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) anymore.

I for one would not wish to introduce what they have to offer into any environment that needs reliability.

Realize that Windows has 3 servicing tracks or branches that allow users to designate how their individual devices are serviced (well 4, if ya include the voluntary Windows Insider preview) - the Current Branch (where most home users are), the Current Branch for Business (their updates don't even show up until around 4 months after the Current Branch), and the Long-term Servicing Branch for specialized systems (medical equipment, point-of-sale systems, ATMs, etc.) that typically perform a single important task (only need quality updates, no feature updates, need not be updated in months or years).

Basically, the more necessary the reliability in the environment, the more tested the Windows components before those even become available to them. Ya could think of it as: the Insiders are the beta-testers for the Current Branch, and both of them are testers for the Business Branch, and all 3 of them are testers for the Long-Term Branch.

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Not Windows RT again!? A regular Surface Pro would be best for students as it's a full computer.. tablet mode with OneNote is hard to beat. Microsoft is outdoing Apple on design all because Apple blindly followed Steve Jobs hatred of touch computers thus leaving that market wide open for the taking.

I use Apple to code and Linux for general use. But the Surface Studio and tablets are making me consider Windows again, and that's saying something. Apple has countered with the Ipad Pro line and the Apple Pencil is better than the Windows Pen, less lag. But the overall utility of a full computer tablet is still the draw of the Surface line. Except this. This doesn't draw me. Who wants a limited computer?

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Microsoft's latest Windows 10 platform is unstable. Numerous reports are circulating across their forums upon lost Menu's and lack of Support from Microsoft, I for one would not wish to introduce what they have to offer into any environment that needs reliability. So, until they fix this issue, I dont care what they try to introduce - it's just a quick money grab.

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