Microsoft launches web-based Office


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Cloud data is not safe from the probing of the NSA and the Homeland Security guys....and the next Anonymous/Lulzsec hack.

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Not very smart to use, everyone has a hack into Micro$ofts products. Might as well post ones personal details on an open web page.

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Private servers are even LESS secure because they have much less security systems running on their servers. I would trust cloud servers over "offline" servers any day.

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tooooooooooo late! micro$oft hasn't kept up with the times. for instance, compare micro$oft and google:

micro$oft charges you dearly for any product (takes away from poor -mainly poor- and bitch, sorry, rich - bad keybaord) google gives it all away for free, the catch being non-intrusive advertisement to the side of the screen (takes away from profiteerers - sorry, bad eenglish) i don't know where this is going to end, but certainly not in micro$oft's direction, and almost certainly in direction of google-stuff. at least bill gates is building his stairway to heaven, giving away for good causes, that's nice.
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I am totally against this cloud junk, but my IT people might be setting up for it. Have to move with the times, but I want to make sure all private info is kept off of it.

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