Microsoft missed mobile dominance by 'tiny' margin: Gates


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For more context see the baffon Balmer laughing off the launch of iPhone ...

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I don't know how close Microsoft were, but I will say that business success stories often miss out the luck or timing parts of the equation and focus instead on some "brilliance" or "foresight" of the management. As if the success was preordained by people's, e.g., Gates, Jobs, Musk, Bezos etc., abilities. Failings or circumstances at other companies can be just as important.

Didn't Microsoft themselves get the original gig to make DOS due to another company president being too busy flying his plane to meet IBM?

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Sorry, but this is utter hindsight, revisionist BS from Gates!

The idea that they missed mobile by a "tiny" margin is laughable.

They were fully invested in protecting their three franchises: Windows, Office and Internet Explorer!


Mobile devices, other than laptop PCs, were an afterthought!!

Google could do Android because it didn't threaten anything else they were doing! Microsoft was too busy trying to preserve its platforms of dominance and fought against ANYTHING that threatened them!

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Yeah, that's a pretty big tiny margin to miss.

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American companies are no more the greatest. That is all.

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Maybe it's because Microsoft was so sure of itself it thought the only competition anyone could mount would be internally. There was a time when Microsoft was releasing and advertising THREE different, completely incompatible, versions of Windows Mobile. THREE! How on earth did they expect to be "dominant" over other competitors when they couldn't even get their act together and release one unified platform.

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American companies are no more the greatest.

In the fields of computer software and data management, I think they are.

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or maybe microsoft was at the time totally focused on putting office software into companies using PCs. Had no idea what was cool. And had super-boring advertising campaigns with worsening device UIs.

"tiny" margin yeah riiight.

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he quipped that "it's a sign that I haven't given my money away fast enough to drop out of the top 10."

So then give it away already!

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What Zones said

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the problem with Microsoft is they would have charged you for every OS that was installed on a smartphone, same as they do with PCs

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