Microsoft offers $99 Xbox consoles with a catch


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i can't see this pricing strategy being successful. it works for phone companies because everyone needs a phone so they bite the bullet and sign a two-year contract. not everyone needs an xbox.

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True Ricky but not everyone needs a smartphone either. For those who play a lot of games, this might be a good deal as it (may) be a service they would pay for regardless.

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The monthly subscription fee was $15, bringing the total cost to about $460 over time.

Is it really? If the only option is paying by the month then yes but an Xbox Live Gold Membership costs around 50 bucks a year.

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This has nothing to do with a "pricing strategy." Microsoft just wants to be able to WATCH YOU (with Kinect) and they're lowering the price so more people will let Big Brother in their house. Kinect is always on, I repeat, ALWAYS ON and it has facial/vocal recognition capabilities.

Smartphone companies do the same thing because they want everyone to have a GPS device in their pocket.

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Why does the Xbox HAVE TO be bundled with Kinect? Not everyone uses it, just like not everyone buys a Wii.

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Erik, I sincerely doubt it. And if it does, just unplug it when it's not in use. The XBOX will run fine without it. A much larger concern is the windows operating system, ISPs and politicians.

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