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Microsoft opens Windows 10 to Apple, Android apps


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They also announced the official name for a new web browser, called “Edge,” that they promised will be faster and more useful than the Internet Explorer that’s been a Microsoft mainstay for 20 years.

The question is whether they are going to bring the browser inline with the standards they've been avoiding all along with Internet Explorer.

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Here we go again!!!

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Can't give it away!

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I have a Windows phone which is OK and was very cheap; it will be interesting to try Windows 10 on it. I haven't used Windows on a computer in years, but I'm becoming increasingly irritated with OSX. It no longer "just works" and Apple seem to be following a similar path to Sony in always opting for proprietary formats over more widespread ones. We all know how well that turned out.

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not on my computer

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"Proprietary formats"... like MPEG-4, AAC and H.264?

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Microsoft give away their OS everyone complains. Apple gives away their OS it's all forward thinking and innovating.

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I've been using Apple computers at home since 1986 and Microsoft PCs at work since 1989. I've always preferred Apple's philosophy, but over the last 5 to 8 years I've seen Apple become more Microsoft-like, and Microsoft start to become more Apple-like. Weirdly enough, I seem to dislike the middle ground they're both fighting over now more than I dislike either individually in the past. Kinda depressing when you think about it.

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Microsoft has been doing this lately - they're no longer building a walled garden; MS devices like the health band don't just work with MS environment (it works with iOS and Android too). Seems they're coming back to what they did during the early days with IBM - when MS-DOS opened to everyone and everything. Maybe this is the influence of the new CEO Satya Nadella, who is an engineer instead of a bean-counter background.

Linux has always been free, OSX became free, and now Windows too. And eventually, all apps will work with each other, no matter the platform.

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that they promised will be faster and more useful than the Internet Explorer

shouldn't be difficult to do.

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The question is whether they are going to bring the browser inline with the standards they've been avoiding all along with Internet Explorer.

I would think so. They had to add a "Compatibility Mode" in their later versions after it became apparent Microsoft's vision of the next HTML standard wasn't going to be implemented. Now they're stuck because they still have to support those web sites that decided to go with Microsoft's version of HTML. "Edge" will probably still have compatibility mode but it will be reversed - instead of entering the mode to work with HTML 5, you have to enter the mode to work with Microsoft's rejected version of HTML.

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“Our goal is to make Windows 10 the most attractive development platform ever,”

They said the same thing when they released Vista and Windoze8. We know how that worked out, don't we?

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Not going to go back to Windows. Using W7 because it is a company's laptop; and do I like it? NO.

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Disillusioned: How did it work out? Vista was a stinkpile no question but Windows 7, 8 are very good.

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randomenigma: I mean proprietary things like HFS+, whatever format they use for their office package, the connecting port on their phones and tablets (in place of a standard USB port), no support for FLAC or other common media formats etc.

iTunes cannot play my FLAC files, so it's useless. Pages cannot save in OpenDocument format, so it's useless. Finder often fails when copying large files, I can't have a split view to make it easy to copy files from one place to another, so that's useless. QuickTime won't play most of my video files, so it's useless. HFS+ defaults to case insensitive mode, which is daft and not helpful when I have file names like "123abc" and "123ABC". The characters "a" and "A" are different and have different ASCII values. They should not be treated as the same. The latest version of OSX looks terrible and they don't have a simple option to change the appearance.

It's getting to the point where I am considering dumping OSX and installing Linux (which I use at work). A few more "upgrades" and OSX should be completely unusable for me.

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Windows is out the window with me. My Airbook is 4 years old and never had a problem and it has pay for itself just after 2 years. I have not purchase any Norton software since I toss my windows out the windows. Really it my AirBook had pay for itself in the first 6 months. Just the time wasted is a problem. having to clean up and rebooting alone

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