Microsoft reboots with sweeping reorganization


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Maybe Microsoft wouldn't "need" to reorganize if they hadn't put all that time in developing an OS that looks as if designed by Fisher-Price...

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Maybe Microsoft wouldn't "need" to reorganize if they hadn't put all that time in developing an OS that looks as if designed by Fisher-Price...


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Hahaha.... and like all the crappy OS it has come out with recently that are instantly hated by users who have no choice but to use them, it'll be open to corruption, need plug-ins immediately after launch, will be late in release, lamented by customers who want the old OS back, and will be quickly followed by the announcement a new and completely different OS is in the work for next year due to lack of popularity with the current OS.

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Microsoft should do what it's good at, and do it better. It should work in the direction of making work in the office easier and faster, but not necessarily smaller or more portable. Office computers don't need to be portable. They need to be fast, easy to use, and last a long time. With Windows 8, they made work in the office more difficult and slower. Who needs a touch screen for office work? How fast can you type on such a screen? Microsoft need to understand what they're good at, and not ruin it.

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Deckchairs, Titanic. Ballmer needs to be fired.

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Yeah, use Linux

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Windows 2000, XP and 7 and MS Office are great products, industry standards, for serious professionals like myself. Dabbling with these toy-like mobile gadgets is waste of MS's time and effort.

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have not much experience with Mac simply because the software I use does not run on it with out extra emulators etc but I can say that Windows 8 is the best OS they have come out with hands down. I have no trouble navigating it, it runs fast, its stable and just about every application and printer I can buy works on it. Google stuff is immature in just about every regard. It does not support much at all. Its just OK for phones but I find it sucks for that too with the disjointed calender and contacts software etc. Linux is great for certain things but in general just doesn't have the support of drivers etc.

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Steve Jobs left this world with computing into a new era of devices named if Charles Darwin is correct then Microsoft has no options but to create a new era or follow Apple, just like Samsung and Google have done smartly!

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Reorganizing and bringing back Microsoft Bob, yeah that'll do it.

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