Microsoft results hit by weak demand for Surface


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one word Overpriced

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Exactly, who would buy an RT nobled PC at those prices and the PRO is wayyyyyyyy more expensive than any comparable or better spec notebook.

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Surface RT takes a $950 million hit while the iPad continues to outsell every other tablet. So glad I went with that!

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If they sell the Surface pro by the same price as iPad and upgrade the OS to 8.1 I can consider to buy it!

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I don't know what they were thinking with the Surface, it was obviously NOT going to sell. They should have made it $399 from the start.

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When I first learnt about the Surface RT I read a price of $200 or something and would have been the first to try at that price but at the silly prices they expected there was just no way.

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Microsoft seems to oscillate between OK and c**p. Win 95 & 98 were OK but then there was Millennium (Win ME) which was so bad that I refused the computer until the white box vendor loaded it with Win 98. Win XP is OK and I'm currently using it. I got stuck with Vista at work (minor nightmare and lots of IT calls) and the Windows 7 replacement cured many of the problems. I've heard enough about Windows 8 and 8.1 to know I want NO part of it. Windows 7 programs are now a hot "gray market" item and I might build a box from scratch with it. What will Windows 9 look like? Will someone please sell a Linux box and advertise it in Japan Today? Do they sell any in Akihabara?

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