Microsoft shutting down LinkedIn app in China amid scrutiny


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LinkedIn will replace its localized platform in China with a new app called InJobs that has some of LinkedIn's career-networking features but “will not include a social feed or the ability to share posts or articles.”

So not really shutting down at all, just re-branding and removing some features.

Honestly the new app sounds better, I would rather use that if it were available globally.

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China must be ready to create its own version, so they use the government to shutdown its competition down. They probably threatened to remove Windows and Microsoft Office from all companies and businesses in the country. The Chinese government only wants its government to spy on everyone and collect their personal data.

Anytime China claims that a foreign country or entity is acting in a certain way for nefarious reasons, it is because they are doing it too or would do it if given the opportunity.

Like trump, China like to project their immoral behaviors.

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LinkedIn went down the drain the same way Facebook did, left wing posters injecting politics into their posts. It's supposed to be a professional work network site yet all over it are lefties putting up politics, they can't help themselves. It's a shame but I'm with China on this one.

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I quit LinkedIn several years ago and had a nightmare trying to delete my profile, or even correct the awful errors in that profile, some of which said I attended universities I've never been near. And I still get at least two spam messages a month from them. But, at least those messages are in the spam folder.

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Left Linkedin more than 10 years ago, along with FB and Twitter. I don't have a single social network.

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